The Mere

by The Empty Mirror

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The Empty Mirror's lost album: started in 2010 and completed in 2017.

Discussed a bit in this interview:

Music video for "Thinking in Tongues":


released April 2, 2017

Grant Huling (Vox, Bass, Guitar)
Bill Kim (Drums)
Kate Amrine (Trumpet, Piccolo Trumpet)
Karl Lyden (Trombone, Bass Trombone)

Drums recorded at Hideout Studio in North Seattle by James Sullivan and Alan Chizmar. Brass recorded in Williamsburg. Everything else recorded in German Village.

Written and produced by Grant Huling. Opus 6.

Painting by William Moran:

Instrumental version available here:

A live performance of The Mere with strings:




Grant Huling Ohio

Host of the Quick to Listen podcast; bandleader of the Empty Mirror.

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Track Name: The Mere
I'm the architect
of my disconnect
I'm the fingers in your hair

I'm that final round
as the night shuts down
I'll only turn you in your sleep

As she turns back to me

I'm the dream that ends
with the morning spent
wondering "what's wrong with me?"

The handsome mayor
falls from favor
with the paper
no one reads

We're mediocrity
We're mediocrity
We're mediocrity

We're turning into me
We're turning into me
How could it come to be?

I'll tell all
Track Name: All Stems (Ready to Fast-Forward Now)
Nobody knows
Nobody knows you

I take
lovers over my bent and brittle knee
I break
whatever you call that -- your sympahy
I make
the hollow pride concede
yeah, I make the hollow mind conceive

there's a simple question we could ask

But nobody knows to
Nobody knows you
You are the half-truth
on my arm, desire-proof

Ready to tell the world that all is well?
You're creaking the words like rusty oil wells
They'll take what you don't want to sell
And you'll take the years they owe in hell

nobody knows you
Nobody chose to
You are the half-truth
Like a scar I smile through
oh, we're stuck in a damn loop
Oh we're stuck
just continue

Track Name: Keep It Real
so take a moment
the moment

and keep it real
keep it real
Keep it
Track Name: Breakfast at Midnight
Firefighters know
Firefighters notice things

sleeping for the bell to ring

It's ill-begotten fame
It's not his real name

I'm some kind of game

I care because I can't
I can't because I care

will he ever
will he ever nod off?
will he ever
will he ever resolve?
Track Name: Clownishness
I couldn't work it out
I couldn't work it out
Standing before it
I tried to implore it
but I had a sudden doubt

half-thinking roundabout
whimpering from a shout
oh, what's that quotation on civilization?
It's something I care about

trying to down it out
Trying to drown it out
disintegration and remasculation
bilious in the mouth

I have it where I want it
I have the means to flaunt it

I ask politely
I do not want to fright thee

we pussies ask politely
we do not want to, frankly
Work it out

work it out
work it out
Work it out

Work it out
Work it out
purge it out
purge it out
We're playing out
Track Name: Thinking in Tongues
One thinks what one will
sure do love you all the time

at least eat what you've killed
I'm consumed by my desire

I know I want you
I can feel the fire
every night

The moment of

still I love it half the time
Track Name: Two-Drink Minimum to Leave the Beach
Seconds to be your lover
decades to be your friend
I made a poem of her
Wind over sand

I didn't write this ending
I simply understand
Entropy's never-ending
The sea chews the land

If this is liberation
I can't be free

My life in just one moment of pure release

Ampersand, ampersand and endlessly shifting speech
everything poisonous is locked in our reach

If this is liberation
I can't be free

Bonfire leer
Fire up an effigy
I tremble nearer
I love you
I love you still
A castle
a man of silt
Track Name: Fatehandler (For an Insignificant Man)
The mind is weak
The body creaks
The body seeks haven

If you can't think
It's best to sing
If you can't sing, shut up

There's an excellence inside you
small wonder
Let a second guess divide you

Shut up
Track Name: Inedia (Naked Girl)
Suddenly hungry
pours a drink
asks not what she needs
Half empty

never the words
never the words
Naked girl

grows in reverse
into a birth
Naked girl

Sever, sever
It's your only lever
Better leave her first

Fuck her first.

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