Live throughout Summer 2017

by Grant Huling

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Most weekends I this summer I performed and uploaded songs from my garage studio in Columbus. The foundation is live, with some on-the-fly overdubs. Revisiting the old and revealing the new. For you.



Video for "Tower of Rubble"


released October 8, 2017

Grant Huling (drum machine, guitar, vox, bass, keys)
Rose Stark (vox)
Charles Mackintosh (stained glass)




Grant Huling Ohio

Host of the Quick to Listen podcast; bandleader of the Empty Mirror.

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Track Name: Order
we guard
the space
the sound
the few
the found

we're commanded to give order to the plot
or the foreshadow for naught

beauty not for sale
like digging out the waves

it seethes
it speaks
it leaves
ressentement of being

it commands you to give over the fight
all the angles can't be right

beauty not for sale

the kid throws the crown
kingdom falling down
at the lake
it'll be okay
they decide
through their crow's foot gaze
in the now
an escape.
Track Name: Get out the Downvote
the brother you'd keep
has been proven wrong
been tagged in the teeth
and purged along

get out the downvote

what if
you're wrong?

foundation preserved
come iron age
brought under the third
cold, icy wave

spin out the deadbolt
and forbid a power sage your
cocktail revolt
you know not what you do
you know not whom you are
you know not whom you've lost.
Track Name: Carpet of Streamers
cops helping revelers pick up the street
and somewhere a program proceeds
can't believe everything I've seen
it secret, holy and fleet

we made up
we made up a legacy
you gave up
you gave up reality
so how is the madness of the free?
I'm taking it stoically

and decades
and decades - they proceed
they drag me off screaming through history
the present ain't what it used to be.
Track Name: Wheels within Wheels
take heed, armies of power-starving lions
four heads
green eyes
that pore over our minds
take heed
take heed

all said, the virgin never lifts her gaze
braving the smoke to hang over our grave
wheels within wheels
within war
in peace

I took a vow
that I would obey you
and obeyed
I stumbled out
of formation
and obeyed

oh God
my God
oh God.
Track Name: Tributes of the Magi
following a star
following a star

I love you, child
I love you
I follow, child
I follow

a gift of frankincense
gift of frankincense

I love you, Lord
I love you
I follow, Lord
I do

this glimpse of innocence
oh, I accept

I love you, God
I love you
I follow, God
I follow
we love you, God
we love you
we love you, Lord
we do

we love you, child
we love you, child
we love you, child
we love you, child
we love you, child
we love you, child
we love you, child
we love you, child

this God is good.
Track Name: Riding to Chautauqua
Jesus is a savior
I concede
Jesus the redeemer
He can see us raising a temple under the sun
praise Him to kingdom come

riding on a rail
past those towns
of envy and betrayal
part them clouds!
we gather as brothers under Your name
grant us awakening

Jesus, you saved my life.
Track Name: Tower of Rubble
fascinating in our folly walk
from an Eastern dawn
to the center
of our new world
up to the sky

you are welcome and owned
as a subject of Rome

passionate begging something more
than a holy bore
that entangles
oh, laugh in one tongue
build up
right to the Lord

comes the consequence of power
falling vapor in a shudder
take me whole!
I can offer what I wanted
will You show me all I'll never know?

mystery isn't human height
never crystalized
it is other, further
so I labor
bent to the earth

I can feel your unknowns
in my humblest home
under heaven.
Track Name: Electrocide
the lecture began as a show tune
he has a program and it will save you
crumbling past, surgical gratitude
cannot tell what is wrong

obedient child under curfew
citizen rolls through the drive-thru
general claims he knows the magnitude
none of us own the bomb

denegate precedent
at your own expense
you don't suspect
your power's checked

he's missing the lesson: Liberty
he won't forgive you if you disagree

E.M.P. waves: safe at no altitude
patriots mock the news

he's a riot
when he's victimized
his answers try
to close your eyes
his answers try
to strike you blind
you're next in line
don't go crying
when heroes die

they're trying to conquer history
no one will miss you when they wipe it clean

does greatness fall after all?
does greatness fall after all?
Track Name: The Living Daylight
fool, you are not judge
you are dust from dust

Satan offered a glimpse of the ledger
living daylight falls over a horror

living daylight goes on
living daylight goes on
living daylight goes on.
Track Name: Stainglass
may I turn on the radio?
turn me into an audience

my body is glass and
you stained me

my body is glass and
you stained me
you saved me
you saint me
contain me
my captors obey me.
Track Name: A Little Morning Crawl
it was delicate
and very small
and mostly bone
and the arm
stuck out of the earth
there long alone
it wore a glove
had worn a glove

whiff of the cavalry
Europe at peace

the leather glove
the leather
fingers raised and curved
with an affect
the officer
pleaded squeamishness
and pinched his leg
to kill a fly
to kill a fly

I am the cavalry
Europe at peace.
Track Name: The Hardest Stone
I'm asking for the power
You know it's hard

what good deeds?
pride deceives

shake our rebellious house
a noble shout:

"I believe"
why not me?

when Justice called me
she never asked my name
sweet Justice nodded
not having seen my face
Pietas draws me
out to Your open grave
Pietas draws me
into her hard embrace.
Track Name: Tonight We Fly [The Divine Comedy]
tonight we fly
over the houses
the streets and the trees
over the dogs down below
they'll bark at our shadows
as we float by on the breeze

tonight we fly
over the chimney tops
skylights and slates
looking to all your lives
and wondering why
happiness is so hard to find

over the doctor, over the soldier
over the farmer, over the poacher
over the preacher, over the gambler
over the teacher, over the rambler
over the lawyer, over the dancer
over the voyeur, over the builder and the destroyer,
over the hills and far away

tonight we fly
over the mountains
the beach and the sea
over the friends that we've known
and those that we now know
and those who we've yet to meet

and when we die
will we be
that disappointed
or sad
if heaven doesn't exist
what will we have missed
this life is the best we've ever had.
Track Name: Beatitudes/Lamblike
shall not by bread alone
but by the word of God
live true and righteously
live everlastingly

blessèd are the poor in sprit
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven
blessèd are the hungering for
righteousness, their reward

shall not by bread alone
but by the word of God
live true and righteously
live everlastingly

blessèd are the merciful ones
for they shall obtain their due mercy
blessèd are the pure-hearted ones
clear to them, mystery

shall not by bread alone
but by the word of God
live true and righteously
live everlastingly

blessèd are laborers at peace
children of God known through the ages
blessèd are they mourning the lost
they shall have reunion

(why can I not believe?
why can I not believe?
why can I not believe?
why can I not believe?)

blesséd are the poor in spirit
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven
that He raises up the meekest

(I would like to believe)
Track Name: Senior in the Art Room
senior in the art room
senior in the art room
I hope your hands
are painting me

calming eyes of softened clay
stop and wander to my way
my thoughts are blown
to Natalie

and I can't like anyone else
never look away

pounding as I gaze at you
trembling heart divide in two:
one for you
and one for me

lines I sketch digress to you
idle chatter singing to
the day I met
my lioness

and I can't like anyone else
never look away

now I'd expect to have regrets
but I've been grinning since we met
see your looks
see my charms

glancing as we sit around
at the corners of your mouth
-- to blanket you
in both my arms!

you are the breathing in my day
into you I'm blown away
some way
a way.
Track Name: Listener
hoping for that check to cash
waiting like the end of mass
waiting on a sense of past
of mission

the eddy is turning
the river unlearning

maybe I'm real this time
maybe I'm real this time
Jaime, you're out of your mind
I caught you laughing

we can still believe
we are family

giving our light to the photograph

funny how they photograph
memory on the attack
something's gotta bridge the gap


maybe it settles the mind
maybe it settles the mind
maybe there's nothing behind
just now and nothing

here we stand, at least
we are family

giving our light to the photograph
giving our light to the photograph
here we are now in tomorrow's past.

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