High School: Boat Rebellion

by Grant Huling

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Home-recorded in New York, September to November 2015. Written in Seattle, 2001. Artwork by William Moran.

The second of my eight high school albums to be released. Opus 0.


released December 10, 2015

Guitar, vox, bass, percussion....................................Grant Huling




Grant Huling Ohio

Host of the Quick to Listen podcast; bandleader of the Empty Mirror.

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Track Name: Army Man
What are you like on a blue day?
I can see our futures
And they diverge

The day is not lost
It goes to twelve 'o' clock

The leather chair I'm sweating in
I am afraid to impress you

The day is not lost
It goes to twelve 'o' clock

You've got a sense of humor
That gets lost
You've got a sense of instinct
That gets lost.
Track Name: Peggy's Shoes
In Peggy's shoes
A daughter's feet
On them
Two legs
Where do they meet?
A waterballooning fantasy
I'm hiding in sight beside you

Standing drunk in the rain
Only just came to
Standing void in the rain
Every mistake the last now


Not one single thing is overfed
No mentality overexposed
Not one single thought is ever known
Can you see the implications?

Forever feeling bold tonight
I am a man to be desired
Do you believe it?

Track Name: Depressed
It ain't so bad to see
You're not who you wanted to be
The people don't reach out
They're always just responding

Feel my voice relax
Stop myself from coughing
Talking with you is
Talking just for talking

It's not so bad
You have to hurt

See the white male
Divorced and in his thirties
Left the chandelier
Floating crystal body

I have been accused
Of ending where I started
Doubting crystalized
Pretty damn ungodly

It's not so bad
You have to hurt

I have the key to friendship:
Just be there

I know the secret art rule:

Break it off
Break it off

Treaties can't affect
What refuses treatment
Treaties can't affect
What is beyond treatment.
Track Name: Shipwreck
Fogging a portal low in this boat
I was numbly aware of the sea's rising foam
I had no impulse to pass trouble along
Instead I lay watching and listening, calm

I am scared
I am scared
Left me back

And you can help me now

Rushed through the hall, to the opposite berth
Carpet collapsed into vertical walls
No one was found and so nobody heard:
"Today I'm aware I'm alone on this earth."

I am scared
I am scared
I will see you
See you
See you...

And you can help me now.
Track Name: Sleep Calling/Sir, Officer
I feel sleep calling me tonight
I've got a problem
I'll either kill myself or fight
The yawning slumber

I'm not the one
I'm not the one
Is that the sun?
Is that the sun?

Sir, I won't lie here
You've got the wheelman
Sir, think it over
I'd think it over
Just think of all the shit that I can put you through
I'll break your name
You're so afraid for such a butch man

We've all been stopped by the cop
And it's not so bad
It's not so bad
We've all been stopped by the cop
We've all been stopped by the original cop
The original cop is my cop
I'm not another kid who gets caught
The original cop
He's my cop.
Track Name: Venter
Sounds off to me
That he'll heal
Won't pass the time
With a dying man
Polish the will
Of steel
You've passed away
In front of your eyes

Stock versus stock
Gold pocket watch
Line up the debts
Admit he's dead
Priest selected
Leave him alone
White Christian man
Wide empty home

And I know it's not back to here
Tell me, "No, it's not back to here"

Don't pass the time
Don't pass away.
Track Name: Gore Support
Selfless and cold
Preparing more than necessary

Third speech today
I'm weary
Look at what I'm wearing

The promising
I'm everything she said

Al barely can

Partner for life
Now there's a voice I've gotten used to

The mic went hot
Lit up their eyes to say:

"Al barely can."

There's nothing wrong with me

I barely can.
Track Name: Boat Rebellion
Oh, little kid
Look what you did
Had a lot to drink but he didn't know he did
Leaning on a lampshade
And Chattana forgives

And everyone had lots of fun
Everyone a big shot and everyone a lie
Everyone a big shot and everyone alive
It's the best in the world

I feel the love inside you watching me
It's the best in the world.
Track Name: Blue Water Song
Blue water
Burning moon
On South Lake
He gathers lilies

The lotus flowers whisper
The lone boatman sighs.

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